Finished piece

This is Meg Hiorns and my final animation to alert parents about the dangers of technology.


I really enjoyed this project, I was gutted of the time limit, but I am overwhelmed with the amount of knowledge I got from working with Meg. Animation has never appealed to me, but after this, I can see myself exploring back into it in the near future.




Together we looked at different articles with statistics that showed how much technology is taking over children’s lives.

We started to experiment with text but then after shooting the footage we found that this wouldn’t work in our animation.

After the text failed we moved on to using a baby with wire coming out of its head…this symbolises a television ariel that makes the child think, walk and talk. The television is taking over the child’s life.

We really enjoyed the doll technique, it was showing what we aimed to get across to parents.

After this achievement we started to brainstorm different idea’s for props. We thought of black matter, coming from the unknown taking happiness from a child’s life, due to lack of going outside in the environment. We wanted to add a television into the animation, wire, pipe wires and cloth.

This then lead us onto the final animation piece.

Individual Response

Looking back through my group collaborations I decided that for my individual response I wanted to collaborate again.

I looked at Meg Hiorns work, she really likes to work with animation. This is a weak talent of mine and I really want to learn how to do them!!

As we have already collaborated together in our first project, we decided to go back to creating and app to get children outside and flip it around. This would then portray the negative effects of technology.



The two weeks are over, and I am quite thrilled. This project was a great experience, especially working with other students of CSAD. Getting to know other people, and their experience of university so far really inspired me. However, I found it difficult to communicate with my group as lack of attendance occurred, and there were only 3 of us.

The project was completed, so that was a great weight lifted off my shoulders, I don’t think I want to look at a recycling bin ever again

Eco Washer

The Eco Washer is aimed at local councils, to help provide towns with a more eco friendly, hygienic environment.


This is the video I created for the group, I had difficulty getting my iMovie to work, so I had to use the internet to create this video. The short period of time there was for me to create this video, had a huge impact on its finished look. However, I tried my best to get our product across.


Eco Washer

We will be Creating a bin that washes your recycling via solar panels, filtering system and a revolving motor. Features on the bin includes a filtered tap which can be used to water plants etc..

This will then help your saving on a water meter.



Sophie was given the roll of designing the ‘Eco Washer’


I was given the roll of using all of our information and research and creating a ‘kick starter’ video, to try and get funding for our project.

Recycling research


A wide variety of different materials can be recycled, including paper, plastic, glass, metal, textiles and electronic equipment. There are different bins provided to your community to help you succeed on this.

  • Glass recycling is often separated into colours because glass keeps its colour after recycling.

  • For every ton of recycled glass turned into new products, 315 kilograms of extra carbon dioxide that would have been released during the creation of new glass are saved.