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  1. The philosophy of technology: what is a tool?
  2. Make like a cyborg: how technology shapes and pictures (abstraction, metaphor) you, your understanding, and what is possible in reality.


  1. One or more ideas or claims of support on one and another


RECAP on last week

The watch = abstraction, it doesn’t show you the event of itself. But, shows you the damage. (reichemer) It is not and explosion but it shows you the impact of the event.
Concept of abstraction: Our understanding is never a complete draft
We often assume knowledge is a complete, direct contact with something, but sometimes it isn’t.
Ideas or aims that look at different things, some ideas take a while to filter through.

It’s taking a while for knowledge to sink in.


Monty Python’s argument sketch – youtube video


  • Paying for an argument
  • What’s the difference between contradiction and an argument
  • Frustrating


In essay: Idea’s on the page, what connections/ideas rest upon. Why should the tutor be interested on the idea?

Ideas that support or challenge your view, to have a really good contrast within your essay.

Fallacies: bad or weak arguments; common errors in reasoning


  • He’s rich, so he should be the president of our parents and teachers organization



Appeal to money

Assumption there is that if the person is wealthy they should have the best knowledge to teach our parents and teachers.

  • Well, its time for a decision. Will you contribute £20 to our environmental fund, or are you on the side of environmental destruction?


Black or white, or false dilemma

Just because I can’t pay at the moment doesn’t mean I don’t care about the environment.

Won’t support someone who is that way inclined to speak to people.

  • What she says about Johannes Kelper’s astronomy of the 1600’s must be just so much garbage. Do you realize she’s only fifteen years old?


Ad hominem

Just because someone is young doesn’t mean they aren’t entitled to have an opinion.

‘Must be’ meaning they must not understand Johannes Kelper’s astronomy


A tool is not simply a device that does our bidding but something that shapes who we are, our understanding, and what I possible for us.
Knowing an argument is brewing: because/on the grounds that/for the reason that…
Tool and technology definition

  1. Haraway (2000). ‘Cyborg manifesto’, p. 292.

We are this hybrid machine. All the artifacts and designs have made us advanced human beings.
For example: using knifes and forks? Before humans may have used their hands?

The idea that machine and organism constructs us completely
A car controls us and changes us completely.

Haraway is a strong believer that technology is the making of the human generation.

We can change our nature

  1. Harman (2002). Tool-Being, p. 20.

‘equipment is not effective “because people use it”; on the contrary, it can be only be used because it is capable of and effect, on inflicting some kind of blow on reality.’

We can change objects and make them into something completely different.

All things are tools; we can use and change almost everything.



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