I really enjoyed this project as a whole. I am sad to leave it as I really wanted to progress immediately with my team. However, the time has come to be put into a completely different group.

Overall, I must admit the teamwork within our idea was phenomenal, we bounced off one and others ideas and created a great app for children out of it.

The highlight of this project for me, was being at home working on it. I have a younger sister who is 7 years old who watched me work on the project every day…

One day…she brought her iPad to me and said “I can’t find this app in the app store, will you find it for me”, sadly I had to let her down and explain to her it was just a project for university. To which she replied “Whats the point in that if I cant actually go on it!” and ran away.




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Year 1 Level 4 student at Cardiff Metropolitan University, studying BA (hons) Illustration A blog to reflect on my progress

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