My childhood experience

When I was younger, going outside to play was one of my most favourite activities.

My friends and I didn’t have technology to communicate, we simply went outside and called for each other by knocking each others doors.

My friends and I loved to build dens! However, we didn’t really spend much time playing inside because our enjoyment was building them.

One of my favourite activities as a child was when my friends and I created a time capsule. We put our most prized possessions inside, we then buried the capsule underground inside of our den. The agreement we made was that we wouldn’t dig it up for 10 years!

(and we still haven’t)

Fear wasn’t really known to my friends and I, we used to climb mountains every day! just so we could slide back down them on cardboard, or play tag whilst running down the mountain.

I had many favourite games from my childhood which were:

  • ‘Mob’
  • ‘Stuck in the mud’
  • ‘Bulldog’
  • ‘Knock knock ginger’
  • ‘Curby’
  • ‘Capture the flag’

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Year 1 Level 4 student at Cardiff Metropolitan University, studying BA (hons) Illustration A blog to reflect on my progress

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