Streetcar Narrative

I have began to look at different points in Streetcar to start my narrative on.

1. Blanche and her husbands suicide


I looked at a stag as blanche’s husband because to me that symbolises beauty and heaven. Which now and again suffers a painful death.


I painted different coloured backgrounds to show blanche’s emotions changing when she things about him


2. When blanche kisses the paper boy.
I created this image where blanche is covering the boys mouth.

This reminded everyone of Lucien Freud’s artwork in the group crit.


I then experimented with different media and objects to find the right character for blanche.

1. Magpie with a beautiful but dark coloured background


2. Charcoal to create fruit and flowers.
This experiment is where I initially came up with my final narrative.



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Year 1 Level 4 student at Cardiff Metropolitan University, studying BA (hons) Illustration A blog to reflect on my progress

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