Street car Narrative

Final ideas.
I looked at decaying fruit, but because of the time limit I left myself with I found it would take too much time. Instead I looked at decaying flowers for  blanche’s character.
My idea is to take photographs of decaying flowers and to put them into a self made book. A double page spread would include fresh flowers on the left and slowly decaying flowers on the right, throughout the book.

The fresh flowers would portray blanche’s character throughout the play, how she always acts so fresh and beautiful.
The decaying flowers would portray blanche’s character slowly decaying throughout the play.
This is the blanche the characters began to see.



At the beginning of the photographs I want blanche to be shown as a moth appearing over the flowers to show she is always looking over her appearance.


When experimenting with the moth, I accidently cut the wrong piece which then gave me the idea to create shadows onto the flowers in my final piece.


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Year 1 Level 4 student at Cardiff Metropolitan University, studying BA (hons) Illustration A blog to reflect on my progress

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