Reflexive Bodies

Subject – active person
Object – you’re just a person

It’s not very often that we see our faces. When we look in the mirror we see and image, not ourselves as a person.

“I am both the object who is washed and the subject or agent who does the washing”

Our conscious mind can think without the body, but if you don’t have a body, you wont be able to have conscious thoughts.

Body as a project

Many people create projects for themselves such as: dieting, running marathons, taking drugs, tattoos and piercings

There is a great impact on sense of identity, peoples identity can change. Born one way and changed into another.

When you get older it becomes more difficult to change your identity.

Today – we can change appearance, size, shape and contents of our bodies. In China people were having operations to make themselves taller.
We can change things inside our bodies as well as outside of our bodies.

Older people become shorter because their spines start to bend.

It’s natural for us to change our bodies
– Body projects linked to consumerism

Perfume advertisement 

  • How do you advertise smell?
  • Adverts advertise smell by using bodies (men and female) in lingerie.

What is a natural body?
What does natural even mean?
plants are natural sources? are bodies?

Object – Having a body
Subject – Being a body


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