Bodies and consumerism

Bodies subject to discipline through diet and temperance.

“Lack of exercise, a surplus of food, intoxicating drinks and urban lifestyles were particularly threatening to the health standards” (Cheyne, in turner, 2001)

Consumer ‘culture’
20th and 21st
Consumption: buying goods and servicing not just for use value, but because of desirability and statements they make about the owner and buyer.

Use value – the vitality of a good, i.e. car – buy a good car for ease and utility of travelling around independently. Then buy a Lamborghini for a social statement.

Veblen (1952)
People amass socially valued goods to portray identity and achieve social status. (conspicuous consumption)

Bourdieu on capital
– Capital is defined as ‘assets available for use in the production of further assets’
– Means of generating ‘income’
– Demonstrates use of ‘capital’ in society
– Moves away from basic production and consumption
– Bourdieu: I shop for things that make me ‘better’ than you


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