The body in society: from Dr. Tulp to handles

What is this study group about?

  • We all have a body and we take it for granted
  • We explore theories about the body and we will use theories from Art and Design

In this study group I am going to have to think about what essay I want to write for 11th January 2016. This will be a formative assessment of 500-1000 words.

The body in the past

  • Prothesis in the Ancient Egyptian period
  • Modernist’s idea that the past be obliterated and replaced in 1500’s

Why is history so important?

  • We have the tendency to see the past as an unexplored, unknown country
  • We keep to what we know
  • We think inventions and technology are ‘new’ and have no relationship to the past

People make fire to keep themselves warm, to keep the body warm


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