Words and colour

This workshop was an opportunity to play and experiment with colour relationships and palettes. I explored associations between words and colours. This helped me consider how important colour is for visual communication within Illustration.

Below are some of the colour palettes created during the workshop.
We had to create a list of the following:
A place you love
A place you dislike
A person you know very well
A taste
A time of day
An early memory
A month of the year
A day of the week
And then create colour palettes for these, the paint we used was not allowed to come straight from the tube, we had to mix our colours.

I really enjoyed this workshop, I began to look at colour in a different way. I’m going to carry on making 30 other palettes.





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Year 1 Level 4 student at Cardiff Metropolitan University, studying BA (hons) Illustration A blog to reflect on my progress

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